November 12th, 2006

consider it dug

got brown skin educated west london.

Today's word count: 2834
Total word count: 18352
Should be at: 18334
Variance: +18

Oh thank god. I FINALLY finished up that stupid Wollongong scene. Since I already wrote the forest scene following it, I get to skip forward to Greece and get on with the major action/adventure part of the story tomorrow. About motherfuckin' time. Jesus.

I wrote so much amazing stuff today that I'm not going to quote a single word of it. Oh yeah.
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this is me

still, things could be much worse.

Today's word count: 1861
Total word count: 20213
Should be at: 20000
Variance: +213

I didn't begin writing until about 9pm, but it's all coming easier now. Plus, I'm past 20,000. Always a good thing. Vali and Vidar were introduced, which was nice, and I did a lot of research on Mediterranean forests, Norse mythology, and Japanese art. Hmm.

Um, we had the first Truman Write-In today. Four people, five hours, massive amounts of cookies, no word count. Lots of slashing though. Very funny. Hopefully we'll actually get some writing done at the next write-in.

"So instead of being knee-deep in flood waters, you can be knee-deep in the fragments of your neighbors!" - a certain Linguist comparing being in post-Katrina New Orleans to Israel.
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