October 27th, 2006

this is me


The New Roommate is light years better than last year's cunt. As in, "oh my god DID HE ACTUALLY APOLOGIZE FOR WAKING ME UP?! HE DID! AHHHH!!!!!!!111 (hearts)"

Also... I have a plot. Excitement!

But yeah, I definitely spent the afternoon doing my crazy long French homework. You know, the homework due yesterday. Hmm. Apparently we have to set up a time next week for an entretien avec Prof. F, et je pense que je suis screwed. Hmm. Yeah, we'll see how that goes. Si j'ai le possibilité dire à qqn avec qui je suis confortable, I think que je ne might pas do plus shitty.

Oh, and on that note, I'm working on next semester's schedule. Dare I risk anything even remotely resembling a social life and take two--count 'em, two--language courses with Faith Beane? Russian won't be awful, but I've heard frightening things about her dans les cours du Français. I asked her about them ('cos that's just the sort of person I am), and she admits that she's not exactly easy, but I KNOW she genuinely wants her students to improve... it's bound to be a smaller class, and I thrive in small classes... and I could probably get her to pick on me so I can speak more... and we'd read a novel... but god, 8 hours of Beane a week? Could I survive? Good question.

I guess my real issue is whether I should risk a bad grade just because I want to learn more... or whether I should go for a good grade in a class where I really won't learn much. Decisions, decisions. I hate how the best way to learn anything is to make mistakes--and yet grades are entirely based on your proficiency in that subject. Fuckin' lame, man.

Mmm franglais.
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