September 15th, 2006

this is me

I want a god who stays dead.

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5 quizzes this week. Very nearly failed the Phonetics quiz because I didn't study the right stuff, ran out of time & gave up on the Algebra quiz, and totally got perfect scores on 2 of the 3 Russian quizzes (the other one hasn't been graded yet, so whatever). Gosh, I wonder what my strengths are.

I have 4 tests next week: Russian & Algebra on Monday, Intro CMDS on Wednesday, and Phonetics on Thursday. I am doomed.

So yeah, my three-week analysis of classes: Russian is no longer painful and/or scary... it's actually kind of fun now. My French class leaves much to be desired, but I'm getting over my issues with speaking. Intro is incredibly boring. Phonetics is interesting, but I hate the anatomy crap. Algebra is ridiculous--the homework doesn't have anything to do with the stuff we're "learning" in class. I mean, shit, I don't understand any of this crap, I'm never going to understand it, and I honestly don't give a fuck. Whatever.

Tonight I work 2am-6:30am. Ugh.

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