September 5th, 2006

this is me

$1.69 for peanut butter? ARE YOU INSANE?!

This really isn't news to anyone, but good grief, Facebook is getting ridiculous. Mini-feeds? Elections? Religious affiliation? Status? Notes? It's worse than MySpace now, and that's saying something. I think I'm going to remove any identifying information from my profile before I get sent to Guantanamo.

I like Russian today. Yesterday I didn't. This is a theme. I really enjoy Phonetics and I totally aced today's quiz (that's right--even "obnoxious"!). French was ridiculous--how the hell did I place into this section? I refuse to give up. I, uh, just need to learn how to speak. Like, a lot. Quelqu'un me dirait avant j'échoue cette cours?

*used the passé composé in lieu de l'imparfait in class*


"How was your weekend?"
"*shows hicky on neck*"
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