August 29th, 2006

this is me

we're lookin' for trouble.

Russian: more work on the alphabet and our first foray into grammar. I suck at grammar, so this should be pretty great.

French: we took a placement exam. Basically, there are two classes at the same time, so the professors want to split us based on ability levels. I sucked it up on the grammar portion--fuck, I didn't even finish--but my reading comprehension & writing kicked ass. I ended up being one of the first people to finish, with, uh, 5 minutes to spare. Amanda and I will check our placement tomorrow, at around 4pmish?

Phonetics: I HATE walking to Barnett. Ugh, 3 more years of that shit. This class looks really, really interesting. However, there are 51 people in a classroom that really shouldn't hold more than 30, and only 3 guys (!!!!!). I knew this major was seriously heavy on females, but good god, I wasn't expecting for there to be that many! On the other hand, how often do you get the chance to say that a white male is in the minority?

So... much... work. Tons of Russian, several chapters for my CMDS classes... we've barely even begun to do anything in Math, and French technically hasn't even started yet. I'm trying to stay ahead, but the load is already immense and will be getting worse, fast. Socializing will soon be a thing of the past, unless I can continue to convince Amanda that walking and/or running is a great method of socialization. Hell, even my job is already managing to destroy my social life: I start work this weekend, and I had the opportunity to spend Labor Day weekend watching hot air balloons in a place that is very much Not Kirksville. :(
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