August 12th, 2006


i am a wolf

I know I go on about this every two seconds, but this is what is important to me, so all of y'all can just suck my 12" cock: I honestly don't know what I'm going to do about my sleep problems. I went to bed early last night (11:30) and fell asleep within an hour, which was a definite improvement. Of course, I then woke up a few billion times (and stayed awake for 20+ minutes each time) and somehow managed to sleep in later than I have all summer (8:25ish). I'm in a constant state of exhaustion that is only exacerbated by my weak attempts at somehow getting more sleep. Once I get back to Kirksville, my sleep issues will promptly worsen with the increase in stress. I'll probably be back to falling asleep by 2am and waking up at 5:30 every day. I have one word to describe this situation: balls.

Tomorrow I shave. Very excited. Might throw a party, a few balloons and noisemakers. It was nice, dumbhawk, but you're really, well, ugly. I also plan to shave my face, since in the last week either my facial hair began to grow much faster or my razor decided to get dull all of a sudden and I did a worse job at shaving than normal. Seriously, all I want in life is to get another 4.0 and grow some nice sideburns, or maybe muttonchops. I'm not picky. This rapist-moustache bullshit is getting old. On the plus side, since I'm still not done growing proper facial (body) hair, that probably means that I can still hope to hit 6' before I die. Huzzah, huzzah.

Tomorrow I also shop. I'm not even remotely excited. In fact, I think I'll go swallow a bottle of sleeping pills (which would help out with my sleep issues, except for that pesky side-effect I call "death"). In case it wasn't obvious, I fucking hate shopping. Think about it like this: the stereotype of the normal guy is that he goes in, buys only what he planned on buying, no browsing or anything, and goes out. Me? I do everything possible to avoid even going in. It could almost be termed a phobia, if not for the fact that I don't really dread doing it. I just hate it. Plus, I dread spending money. This I get from the Jewish side of the family, although I'm a bigger penny-pincher than them all. (Of course, I don't mind spending other people's money. There is a difference.) Keep in mind that in my first semester of college I spent a total of $32.50 on entertainment. Second semester was about $25. Yet another reason why not being a smoker and/or drinker is good.

Does anyone feel like they just can't be contained? I don't know how else to describe it. I'm too big for this. I'm overflowing. I want something else, but I don't really know what that "something else" could be. This is probably a perpetual state of humanity, but I really don't like it and want to do something about it.
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this is me

so close but you don't know

I'm bald bald bald. It looks godawful, but at least it feels good. Uh-huh, that's right. (Ugh, sorry, lame song reference.) No pictures until I'm no longer quite so unspeakably ugly.

i'm a sun down searching the ground for a way to get back now...
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