July 13th, 2006

this is me

and your crucifix bones all covered in cellophane

So, um, I dropped Biology and picked up Russian. Oops? (I'm actually seriously excited, even though I have no clue as to when I'm going to be able to fit Biology into my schedule in the future. Whatever. I'm taking Russian, bitches!) (ETA: I had second thoughts and switched back to Biology. What the hell?)

Last night I hung out with M. Shyne. It was very exciting. We went to Portillo's, Meijer, and then made a chocolate cake with strawberry frosting. This is what my friends and I do for fun... we drive around and eat. Good grief. For living 5 minutes from Chicago, you'd think there'd be more to do. Reason #29369 why I Need To Live In A City.

We also watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It would have been an amazing movie if Jim Carrey and Elijah Wood weren't in it. Elijah is going to be typecasted as a perverted hobbit for the rest of his life, which isn't terribly surprising (or maybe it's just me?). I just don't like Jim Carrey's humor--he overacts to the point where the movie is ruined for me.

I took two more Psych quizzes today. All I have left in that stupid class is a quiz that isn't showing up on Blackboard for whatever reason, one test, and the final. My current grade is 97.9%. Without the final, I'm guaranteed a C. If I don't get an A I'll probably slit my wrists or have an existential crisis or something. You know.
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