July 6th, 2006

wasn't my bullet

in which i revisit first semester and go on a political rant.

A! fredome is a noble thing!
Fredome mayss man to haiff liking;
Fredome all solace to man giffis:
He levys at ess that frely levys!
A noble hart may haiff nane ess
Na ellys nocht that may him pless,
Gyff fredome faihe; for fre liking
Is harnyt our all othir thing.
Na he, that ay hass levyt fre
May nocht knaw weill the propyrte,
The angyr, na the wrechyt dome,
That is cowplyt to foule thyrldome;
Bot gyff he had assayit it
Than all perquer he suld it wyt.
And suld think fredome mar to pryss
Than all the gold in warld that is.
mony tyme maiss tender wychtis
Off swilk strenthtis, and swilk mychtis
That thai may mekill paynys endur.

I have to be the only person in the world who would spend a good hour and a half of their summer reading epic 14th century Scottish poetry. Yeah, I know, I took a whole class in that crap, but I got a hankering for some Dunbar, which spread to Henryson, and now I'm on a bit of a Barbour kick.

I find this passage to be particularly fitting (what with it having just been the fourth of July and various semi-recent political events). As much as I loathe the United States, I really do appreciate what it stands for--freedom. Freedom of religion, and speech, and liberty and justice for us all, to say nothing of equality. There should not be any of this bullshit about "illegals." There should not be a national language. We are all human beings, and above all, we have a right to live for ourselves. America is the land of opportunity; it's the land of dreams and the yellow brick road and candy canes and gumdrops. This is not the land of torture and kicking out those who want better lives and ridiculous wars over absolutely nothing.

When someone says, "If you don't like America, just get out of the country," they don't get the point. I like what America stands for. I don't like what it has become.
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