July 5th, 2006


Allez Les Bleus!

Ce sont les bleus contre l'Italie pour la Coupe du Monde!
È l'Italia contro gli azzurri per la Coppa del Mondo!

This afternoon I went to Will's, where we discussed languages and watched the France vs. Portugal game on a Spanish station (& I understood ~50% of what was said). I was rooting for France, Will for Portugal. Of course, Zidane kicked multitudes of ass with his penalty kick and it's France and Italy for the final. ALLEZ LES BLEUS!

In other news, when the fuck did J'aime Tambeur leave Islands? Martha told me about it yesterday and I pretty much felt like stabbing someone. I'm thinking he has issues with success (what with his leaving The Unicorns and then Islands). What the fuck ever, man.

Now, back to my Spanish...
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