July 1st, 2006

this is me

i'm actually surprised i wrote this much today.

Today's word count: 1692
Total word count: 1692
Should be at: 1667
Variance: +25

No excuses: I don't have a very good reason for not writing much today. Needless to say, I doubt I'll be aiming for 5000 words a day... but going for 1667 is still perfectly reasonable. Previous experience indicates that I generally seem to start off pretty slowly, but within a few days my daily word counts usually increase. Maybe that'll happen this month. I hope so.

The story is starting out kind of blandly, but that's okay, I guess. It's the action later on--and the characterization--that's key for a good novel. Plus, I have a total kickass villain, so that should be fun to write... if I ever get to that point...

By the way, my new icon consists of my hand and part of one of my outlines. I know you care.

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