June 6th, 2006

this is me

here comes your man.

This is a dual-purpose post:

1. I need a running/workout buddy here in Des Plaines. In Kirksville I have Kendal and/or Amanda (depending on how much egging on I have to do), but in DP I have nobody. I'm not the greatest at running, but I really am working at it--my first mile is always a struggle, but everything after that is gravy. I've never tried running more than 3.5 miles or so, but I could probably get to that point pretty soon. I'm able to run pretty much whenever, wherever, although there's a good chance that I'd need transportation if it's more than two or three miles away. Any takers?

2. I should probably trim my fingernails. I mean, I'm truly fearing permanent damage to my eyes due to their length and putting in/removing my contacts. I tore one of my contacts yesterday. The issue: I'll just have to trim them again next week. Am I taking laziness to new lengths? You bet your ass.
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