May 25th, 2006

this is me

come tide or high water

A's in French, Chemistry, and Art History. B in Linguistics, Anthropology, and Government. Semester GPA of 3.58, cumulative GPA of 3.75. For such an awful, shitty semester, that's not too awful. I plan on getting an A in Psychology this summer to raise my GPA a bit more.

West Virginia is okay. It's nice to see my relatives, but good grief, I am sick of the political and Big Issue arguments. If you don't know anything about a subject, SHUT UP ALREADY! Nobody wants to hear your opinion!

Like always, I'm the youngest person here by about 25 years. My Uncle Wade is somewhere around 45ish and he's the youngest. I'm the only person who still has their natural hair color and the only male (beyond my 93 year old grandfather) who still has all of their hair.

On Saturday we'll be leaving for Maryland to pick up my father and then we'll head on to the beach. Yay for large bodies of water! For at least a day or two there'll be someone my age--the daughter of a friend of my mother.

I have pictures but I don't have the cable to upload them. Plus, my computer is down to 15% power so I'm going to have to get off soon. Oh well.

C'est tout pour maintenant. Je veux ecriver plus, mais je ne sais pas. We'll see.
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