May 12th, 2006

this is me

stressstresshome :)

Anthro: 66% on the final (a C+) and a B in the class.

Government: I finished the final and the course evaluation in 19 minutes. I am not joking. It was incredibly easy. I think I have a chance at an A...

Linguistics: I pulled a sort of all-nighter (slept from 7pm-12am and then studied from then until my final) and didn't do TOO horribly. I got an A on my research paper and I think I kept my B.

The trip back from Kirksville was long and boring and stressful, but at least I'm back in Chicago now.

Frustrating news: Islands is playing at the Metro Wednesday evening. We leave for West Virginia at about 3-4am Thursday morning. I really want to go, but apparently my being out of the house at night causes stress and mayhem (read: a lack of sleep for certain parental figures). Why does this always happen to me?
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