May 10th, 2006

already dead

dance till my feet bleed

This is what I get for being a light sleeper:

at about 4:25, I woke up to drunk assholes yelling in the hallway. One of them refused to shut up, so the others dragged him down the stairs, yelling all the way.

At 4:30 (4:35?), the fire alarm went off.

Honestly, I had predicted that this would happen. It's a big party night since it's the night before Reading Day. I told myself before I went to sleep that if the fire alarm went off, I wouldn't get out of bed. I lasted a couple of minutes before realizing that I was already wide awake. I grabbed my keys and a sweatshirt and walked out to the Quad. I spent a good 20 minutes bitching out drunks with Kyle and Chris before we came back in.

Some drunk schmuck pulled a fire alarm back during Freshman Week, a lot like this. I wonder if it's the same person? Oh, Mo Hall...

Now I'm too wide awake to bother sleeping until sometime later today. Maybe I should go take my shower.

In semi-related news, Swift is hysterical when drunk and low on sleep. Poor Kendal.
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wasn't my bullet


Guess which sexy SOB got an A in CHEMISTRY?!?!

That's right. 90.3% in the class, 87% on the final. I kick so much motherfuckin' ass that not even Chuck Norris himself could beat me.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! (Now, on to studying for--and failing--my Anthro and Government finals... not to mention Linguistics. I should just get the lube out right now...)
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