May 4th, 2006

wasn't my bullet


Schedule - haha friends page spam

Thursday, May 4
- 2-3pm, study for Government
- 5-6pm, study for Linguistics
- 6:30-8pm, Chemistry review session

Friday, May 5
- 8:30-9:20, Linguistics class; turn term paper in
- 9:30-10:20, Art History class; find out if I have to take the final
- 12-3pm, study for Chemistry
- 5-~7pm, French "academy awards"
- try to study for Linguistics

Saturday, May 6
- 2-4pm, 5-7pm, 8-10pm, study for Chemistry
- try to study for Linguistics

Sunday, May 7
- 10-1pm, 3-5pm, 8-11pm, study for Chemistry
- try to study for Linguistics

Monday, May 8 - DAY 1 OF FINALS
- 11-3pm, study for Chemistry
- 3:30-5:20, Chemistry final
- 6:30-8pm, study for Anthropology (ch. 1-7)*
- 8-9pm, study for Government*
* if I do have to take the Art History exam, I will instead study for it during these times

Tuesday, May 9 - DAY 2 OF FINALS
- 7-9am, study for Art History**
- 9:30-11:20, Art History final (if I have to take it)**
- 11-2pm, study for Anthropology (ch. 8-15)***
- 5-8pm, study for Government
- try to study for Linguistics
** if I don't have to take the Art History exam, I will instead sleep during this time
*** if I do have to take the Art History exam, I will move this study session back by 1 hour

Wednesday, May 10 - READING DAY
- 11-12:30pm, study for Anthropology (general review)
- 1-2pm, Psychology online course orientation in Violette Hall
- 2-4pm, study for Government
- 4-~6pm, study for Anthropology
- The Parents should arrive at about 6; whenever they arrive, I will stop studying
- ~8-11pm, study for Government

Thursday, May 11 - DAY 3 OF FINALS
- 6-7:30am, study for Anthropology
- 8-9:20am, Anthropology final
- 9:30-1pm, study for Government
- 1:30-3:20, Government final
- 5-8pm, 9-11pm, study for Linguistics

Friday, May 12 - DAY 4 OF FINALS
- 6-7:15am, study for Linguistics
- 7:30-9:20am, Linguistics final
- go home

All together: 50.75+ hours of studying. I also need to find time to clean my room, reloft my bed, pack, make an appointment with my SA, keep the appointment with my SA, hang out with my parents, hang out with my (very few) friends... I managed to make time for relaxing, eating, and napping, but not much. I don't like the dearth of hardcore studying for Linguistics until the day before the final (with various bouts over the weekend), but there just isn't time in the week to do it.

I definitely have an A in: French.
I have the opportunity of getting/keeping an A in: Art History, Chemistry, and Government.
I have a very solid B in: Anthropology and Linguistics.

Oh god stressssss. I love how I will be studying the equivalent of two days over the next week. I am fucking insane. This summer better be the BEST SUMMER EVER or I'm going to fucking slit my wrists.

At least I never again have to attend another Chemistry or Anthropology class. Oh, and that Anthro paper on Mean Girls? A+. Fuck yeah bitches.

Now: Government. YAY!!! (No.)
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