May 3rd, 2006

wasn't my bullet


Please explain to me how calling illegal immigrants "illegals" is any different from calling blacks "negros," Chinese "chinks," Vietnamese "gooks," Hispanics "spics," Arabs "sand niggers," and so on? It's just a blanket term for every offensive racial/ethnic name you could possibly think up.

Wow. People want to have a better life. Ain't that crazy?

Fuck you, FOX News. Namely, fuck the twats who were talking about "immigration issues" this morning. The only issue here is how the fuck those cunts managed to survive childhood without being smothered. (I'd be A-OK if someone would shove a dildo into their eye sockets and set their intestines on fire. That'd be fucking fantastic.)
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this is me

Break My Body.

Fuck. I just wrote poetry. I wouldn't mind so much if I were some sort of an Eliot/Frost/Cummings hybrid. If only...

Ashamed, You say
a shame of what?
Ashamed of what can and will
of what can't and won't
(be or so You say)
i am Ashamed of nothing
(or so i say)
You deny the fact
deny the truth:
You are not i
neither i nor You

visible emotion
upon the face of a face:
a beauty
a beauty
an abcess on the face of the world
"the world is not i"
i say
but you
the only one triumphant here
is you
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    Pixies - Break My Body