April 27th, 2006

this is me

the boys are in the bathroom.

I definitely just wrote a paper on the anthropology within (behind?) the movie Mean Girls.

My hair is square today. Don't ask me why, because I just don't know. Fuckin' hair. I should just shave it all off. Or... I could get a mohawk. Tempting!

Oh, and you are all a bunch of cunts for not having read and/or commented on my story. Fuck you too, assholes. :)
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hold me, wrap me up, unfold me

I just finished writing an 11 paged paper entitled "The Iconicity within American Sign Language and British Sign Language: A Comparison." All together, it took me four hours to research, write, and edit. It only needed to be 8-10 pages. Despite how much (and how long) I dreaded doing this paper, it was quite possibly the easiest paper I have ever written. And I was worrying that I'd have to pull an all-nighter...!

That's just how I roll. Bitch.

In semi-related news, I want to learn ASL like whoa. I now know close to 40 signs, just from writing that paper... including apple, boy, fair, new, wonderful, cheat, divorce, god, and clean, among others. How awesome is that shit? Answer: very.

Now, my next big worry: my three French papers due Monday. Oh snap. Maybe I'll begin them ten minutes before class? (Uh, probably not.)
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