April 21st, 2006

wasn't my bullet

I am going to fuck back.

I've put up with drunk assholes ripping down my doordecs for whatever reason (I'm liberal? I don't go out and get wasted every night? I'm 50 times more intelligent and attractive than those cunts?). I've put up with Jesus being shoved down my throat and up my ass in every way possible. Hell, I've even put up with the roommate from hell. I will not put up with this.

Nobody fucks with the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Nobody.
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    P.O.S. - Stand Up (Let's Get Murdered)
this is me

oh god i'm fucked

So much work to do, so little time to do it all in. If I somehow manage to survive the next few weeks, it will be from sheer luck and nothing else.

Silent Hill was a creepy movie. The plot was... bad... to say the least, and the dialogue was pretty much shit, but the effects were amazing and all of the bad guys were great. Pyramid-head = awesome.

I definitely have my scholarship hours job for next year, but I still have to get a form signed for my institutional hours. I hope it's not too late. Hell, I don't even know who I need to have sign the form. I'll probably figure it out sooner or later. I hope.

I really, really want to learn Russian. Like, really badly. However, the negatives of learning the language (probably won't become fluent, probably wouldn't be able to fit it into my schedule for the next few years, etc...) are about equal with the positives. If I pick up Russian I'll have to drop Public Speaking, which is a graduation requirement. I mean, I'll be able to do it later, but still. I wish I could just learn all of the languages I want and still major in Communication Disorders. That's all. Russian, Estonian, Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, German, Kazak, Azeri, Welsh, Turkmen, Tajik, Georgian...

... so much to do in life, so little time.
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