April 20th, 2006

this is me

from 1984?

There's a very, very good chance chance that I'm going to be exempt from the Art History final--you need 91% and I have 90.9% (which includes my two lowest quiz scores). With a little math, I figured out that I need 6/10 on any of the upcoming quizzes and I'll have an A for sure. Hot damn. At least that's one class that I don't have to care as much about over the next few weeks.

Starting, oh, Saturday afternoon, the next week is going to suck. Studying, Government midterm on Monday, Chem assignment for Monday, Anthro test on Thursday, French, Chem, and Art History quizzes at some point, filming for our French final, writing up the article summaries for French, writing my Linguistics research paper, studying for finals... ow ow ow. Shiiiiit bitches. I am so completely unprepared. Less than a month until WV & 1.5 months until OC...

A package arrived yesterday with my red chucks, food, and various articles of clothing. I like having clothing that fits me and halfway decent shoes for once. It's nice.

I've been on a big Garbage kick lately. I think I can feel a Tori Amos kick coming on pretty soon as well. Maybe Jem and Killing Heidi after Tori? We'll see.

Now, for something completely different (and entirely for my own future reference):

I want these bondage pants. Or these. I like this shirt (with the offset pocket), this shirt (without the offset pocket) (and in red). I want the following articles of clothing from Hot Topic (shut up): this Arctic Monkeys t-shirt, this Pretty Girls Make Graves t-shirt, this pair of plaid shorts. I want this pair of plaid shorts. Now on to the Threadless t-shirts: Landline's Revenge, Stone Jungle, The Communist Party (even though it's out of stock), I would adore this although it's also out of stock, I would like this, this, this, I want one of these to replace the one that I can't fit into anymore, and I don't want this (but I like the Room With A View reference), or this but goddamn, it's funny. There are a bunch of shirts and buttons on mushycat.com that I want, but they are already in my cart. I want the American Psycho shirt on that page to replace the one I can't fit into anymore, and I really want this shirt (by _boneflower_ on LJ) because it fits my political beliefs and it's just a good shirt all around.

And now I have to meet up with my French group and put off eating for another few hours. Oh boy. Excitement!!!!12
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