April 17th, 2006

this is me

relax, this winter is our last.

I began eating healthy and exercising approximately a year ago today. When I started I weighed 261. The last time I weighed in (over a month ago) I was 167.5.

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I recently decided to quit dieting. I am still going to exercise and I am still going to eat healthy--but I am not going to diet. I am happy at my current weight. As I mentioned before, I have rolls of skin, not rolls of fat.

I was mocked when people discovered that I was eating healthy. "But you won't be the same!" they said. "We like you fat!" They weren't the only ones to like me fat; this weight loss thing was a whim. One that stuck and stayed... and now I like myself a lot better thin that I ever did when I was fat. I'm happy now. I like being able to run a mile without stopping. I like climbing several flights of stairs and not being breathless. I even find myself attractive now.

I'm happy.

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