April 16th, 2006

already dead

is jesus a vampire?

I ended up staying at Truman for the weekend, which (selon moi) was the right idea. Practically nobody is here--out of 60 people normally in 3N, only 6 stayed. SIX. I'm the only person left in my wing. It's fucking fantastic. Thanks, Jesus! You're a real pal!

Okay, I'm going to go ahead and admit something... I don't actually know why Christians celebrate Easter. Honestly, I don't really care (so don't go on babbling about how Jesus raised-from-the-dead-lolz). It has always been one of those random holidays that we celebrated for the experience, not because we actually cared about what supposedly "happened" on that day. All I ever got out of the deal was a helluva lot of chocolate. Since I prefer potato chips, this never mattered to me.

Having lived away from home for such a significant portion of the year, I have come to the conclusion that the only thing anyone ever actually needs to celebrate is Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Ramadan--whatever holiday brings loved ones together at the end of the calendar year. You don't need Easter, you don't need Halloween, and you most certainly do NOT need Valentine's Day. You need Ramachristmahanukwanzaa.

Changing the subject a bit, the weather here has been typically midwestern. One day it's almost 90, the next day there are tornado watches and severe thunderstorms. Last night a tornado struck down/was spotted in Brookfield, just 50 miles away. Nothing happened here in Kirksvegas. Oh, Missouri.

I was a total genius yesterday: I managed to get myself a computer virus that was promptly followed by another. Thanks, Internet Explorer. You're fuckin' fantastic. Truly.

My mother suggested that we take a bit of a summer vacation (!!!!!) this, er, summer, beyond our usual West Virginian exploits. The new plan is to drive to WV a couple of days after finals, visit the grandparents for a week or two, drive up to Pittsburgh, pick up my father (who would take the train from Chicago), and drive down to Ocean City, Maryland. We'd stay there for about a week before driving home. I am of the opinion that this is a fucking fantastic plan, although I am going to try to convince my mother to let us visit WVU and UPitt... I have ulterior motives, don't worry.

The problem: odds are we'd get back too late for me to take summer classes. At the end of this semester I'll have 38 credits, solidly a sophomore, but a few extra credits would be nice. We'll see what happens--especially once I figure out what will happen with my Comm Disorders major. On the plus side, I'd actually have some motivation to work out a bit more.

Neko Case is pretty much god. I'm proud of that statement: it's a triple whammy--I said it on Easter Sunday (2 points right there) and Neko Case is also the lead singer of a group called the New Pornographers. Fuck yeah.
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