April 9th, 2006

this is me

i got more baggage than JFK

Friday: was bored. Went running with Kendal (~3 miles) and ended up... at the c-store. We bought chips and drinks and watched Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire.

Saturday: was bored. Ate more chips (red chile + lime is quite possibly the best combination that has ever been created); hung out with James & Amanda (Jameanda?) and watched Pride & Prejudice. It was about 10x better than the miniseries... very, very good. I got all mushy inside. Shit, I shouldn't have admitted that. But yeah, it was amazing, and I fully identify with Mr. Darcy. Now I need to follow his example: be a surly-yet-attractive asshole and declare my love to a girl I've spoken to maybe twice before. It makes perfect sense now!

Sunday: was bored--but alone! Watched TV shows, drank a lot of water, and did a lot of pacing. Five miles worth of pacing, to be precise. I am coming down with a cold and hate life right about now. I should be doing my Anthro for Tuesday, or studying for one of my random tests/quizzes this week (Mon: Chem quiz, Wed: Art History test, probable Chem quiz, Fri: Linguistics test). I'm not. I'm writing this and pissing around on MySpace instead. I kick ass.

I got into a fight with Will via AIM about who was better at learning languages. I claimed that his bilingualism helped him too much for us to be compared; he said that he would be better than I am in French one day. What a twat. At least I don't need to study to read Romance languages that I've never learned before. Bitch.
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