April 2nd, 2006

this is me


There's a good chance that I hate my classes this semester almost as much as I hate The Roommate.

Thus, this entry is an official Fuck You to: Chemistry, Linguistics, Anthropology, Constitutional Government, Art History, French, and The Roommate. Fuck you all with 37" dildos. No fuckin' joke.

(French is only on here because I have a big paper due the same day as my Art History paper/presentation. Fuck that shit.)

Major Scholastic Events Over The Next Two Weeks (or, what I will do until "Spring Break"):
4/3 - Chem test
4/7 - French paper, Art History paper & presentation
4/11 - class registration (!!!)
4/12 - Art History test
4/14 - Linguistics test
4/15-4/17 - (most likely) Kansas City, bitches!

You can add in at least two pop quizzes (Chemistry and Art History) to that list, declaring my Communication Disorders major (hopefully--I have to be "interviewed" to be accepted into the major), and Oakton class registration. After that, I'll only have a couple of weeks before finals, with maybe one or two more tests and massive amounts of studying... and May 12, Chicago for a few days... and then West Virginia (hopefully we'll be able to visit WVU this year)... and then back to Chicago for classes.

Is it summer yet?

Oh, and my Official Declaration of the day: Mogwai fucking kicks your ass on about 9000 levels. You only wish your music was as awesome as this shit.
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