March 21st, 2006

this is me

do you hear that sound?

Classes are very class-like. I received 77/80 points on the Art History exam from before break, which pretty much kicked all sorts of ass. Constitutional Government is the largest class I've taken here... 120 students. It's one credit, twice a week, for the second half of the semester. I honestly don't give a damn about the class; it's just another requirement, like every other class I'm taking (bitchbitchmoan). It was supposed to snow 4-8 inches last night, and we didn't even break 4 inches. Lame.

This is the class plan for this summer/next year: Elementary Spanish I & Public Speaking at Oakton this summer; French Comp & Conv I, Elementary Spanish II, Intro Psych, Intro Bio (oh god no), and College Algebra in the fall. If I really feel frisky, I might do a bit of self-studying and try to place ahead in Spanish. I mean, seriously, I can already read it. How hard could it be?

I'm trying to shove in as much studying as possible today so I won't have to do much tomorrow. Okay, I'll admit it--I'm not really succeeding, but whatever. I'm going to struggle through reviewing for my Anthro test (which is on Thursday) this evening, which will leave very little to do tomorrow. Honestly, it just feels like another day is coming up. Tomorrow's no big deal since I already celebrated my birthday last week. Only two or three people here would know about my birthday if not for Facebook. Lame.

mass dynamite: how sad is it that i just spent that last hour watching the special features on this dvd?
mass dynamite: ("this dvd" being Mean Girls)
kaveman87: not at all
kaveman87: haha, very

I watched Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire last night, finished A Very Long Engagement in tutoring this morning, and watched Mean Girls this evening. HP&GoF was excellent, but should have been split into two movies to fit everything in... they skipped around and left too much out. However, the acting has improved and I would still rate it as my second favorite of the four, with Prisoner of Azkaban coming in first. A Very Long Engagement is on my Favorite Movies Ever list, in (or near) the top five; my tutor, J, is going to show Etre et Avoir next week (yessss!). Mean Girls is amazing.

For the last day or two I have been thinking about turning my current prospective novel into a short story. I have a number of ideas, but none of them would really work to get the effect that I want. However, Mean Girls has given me a new outlook on the process; I think I might be able to tease a novel out of my ideas after all. A description (as abstract as possible yet still making sense to myself): I will start with the effect and then go on to the ideas, instead of the reverse. No, seriously, this really does make sense to me. Plotting makes me very happy. Maybe that's how I should celebrate my birthday... eat a doughnut and write. It's an intriguing thought. We'll see if it happens.

On a completely unrelated subject, this is an incredible song and I have a feeling that it's going to inspire my story, one way or another. It just works.
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