March 2nd, 2006

every frequency

one night to be confused.

It turns out that James didn't actually have enough credits to register today... and according to Amanda, there aren't any rooms left in Centennial. Oh well. I'll be doing the room registration tomorrow morning, so we're going to try to get into the new dorms, despite how they cost $1200 more than Ryle. Here's hoping that there's actually a room left somewhere in there...

Anthropology was actually halfway interesting today. I think it's because we are actually focusing on culture instead of going into all of this stupid theory. I had a very nice nap this morning. Oh, and The Roommate apparently already gave up on his Lent plans: he has been online all day. Lame.

At the French movie night tonight, we watched Les Choristes, which was absolutely incredible. I highly recommend it.

My life is boring. Why do I bother keeping a journal? Good question.
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