March 1st, 2006

this is me

tunnels are blocked and bridges are burned

Today was definitely 75 degrees. Kirksville might by the asshole of America, but damn, is it ever better than Chicago. (Well... the weather is, at any rate. I'll refrain from commenting on everything else.) Don't worry, it's supposed to get down to the 40s over the next few days.

Some general comments: apparently The Roommate gave up the internet for Lent. I'm making this assumption based on the fact that he has only been on his computer for about an hour thus far today... as opposed to his usual ~8 hours by this time. I suspect that he'll give up all together within a week.

I somehow got lucky enough to end up with a soon-to-be-roommate who has well over 30 credit hours. We're pretty much hoping to get into Centennial. I'll keep you updated when I find out where exactly we end up. (Not that anyone cares, but whatever.)

I think I aced the Chem quiz we had today. Now that we're off stupid syntax in Linguistics (and on to semantics), I find myself at least remotely interested in the class again. That's nice. I fucking hate French--the class, that is, not the language. I don't know what happened to Farah, but she has pretty much turned into a demon since last semester. I'm not actually learning anything... and that was the main reason why I wanted to stay in 221 instead of moving up to 320. Whatever.

I wish I could just figure out what I want to do with my life already. It'd make things so much easier.
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wasn't my bullet

the lost explorer

Dammit... I almost made it a full week without talking to The Roommate. The cunting piece of skullfucked Catholic trash that he is "forgot" that I was in the room. Sorry, roomie, but you can just take your festering piles of Gregorian shit and shove it back up your hypocritical ass.

I love stringing together miscellaneous obscenities. It always improves my mood. Plus, it's one of the more entertaining parts of my life. (Yes, I am sad. Suck it.)

Tonight I went walking with Kyle and Kendal. We searched for the spotlight and found it behind the Traveller's Inn. We then walked through downtown Kville and across highway 63, made a pitstop at a park to take spend some time on the merry-go-round (yes, we are five years old, big deal), walked around the high/middle/primary schools, and made our way back. All together, it was about 6 miles: an all around excellent workout with good company.

I was talking to my mother earlier this evening and came to the conclusion that I want to do something with my life that will help people, that will help to improve the world even just a tiny bit. French and all of the languages I want to learn... well, I love them, but they're not really the way to do it. I'm more and more convinced that I want to double major in French and Communication Disorders. But again, we'll see whether this redeveloped desire (which went on hiatus as of last Friday) continues. Damn. I should talk to my mother more often. (Hi mom!)
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