February 27th, 2006

this is me

you look like jesus on an aeroplane

What an excellent day!

Classes weren't too awful. As I predicted, we had a quiz in Art History which wasn't too awful. My Chem test score: 86%, or 82/95. I only lost a total of 3 points on my essays; the main things that I lost points on was this one math problem that I couldn't do the math to (I am hopeless without a calculator).

I did a lot of studying today. The only work I have for the rest of the week is the Chemistry due Wednesday and the Linguistics due Friday. How awesome is that? Of course, next week will be pretty shitty, since I'll have three tests in three days... but whatever.

There's a pretty good chance that I found a roommate for next year. He has some things in common with my current roommate (sleep practices, never leaving the room, etc.), but I can put up with those things as long as they aren't attached to a fundamentally fucked up human. Here's to hoping it all works out...

I'm just in a great mood right now. I'm thinking about doing some French that's not due until a week from this Friday, but I may just go exercise or sit around and listen to music for a few hours. That's an idea.

Just to gloat: it was 65 degrees in Missouri today. How about them apples?
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