February 22nd, 2006

this is me

you do it to yourself.

The Chem test went pretty well. I suspect that I will receive at least a C, if not a B. I'm okay with that. I understood everything, but I just didn't know how to relate it all in an essay-format. If the test had been all multiple choice, I definitely would've aced it.

Lately I have been more and more hungry 24/7. I'm hungry before I eat, I'm hungry while I eat, I'm hungry after I eat... and eat... and eat even more. I've also been getting lightheaded a lot as of late, which is a sign of my low blood pressure. The problem: why is this starting now? My dietary habits are just how they were a month ago, if not worse. It doesn't make sense. I hope that all of this will result in my long overdue growth spurt. That'd be nice. Maybe I won't actually need to lose any more weight after all! We can only hope.

I went for a 1.5 hour walk with Kendal tonight. We encountered an intriguing road that went a long, winding way to get from campus to highway 63. There were many, many hills. It was great. My calves are probably going to kill me when I wake up in the morning, but oh, was it ever worth it.

My plan for tonight: relax and do at least a small portion of my French reading. Maybe 10 pages? 15? We'll see what happens when I get there.

Oh, by the way... The Fiery Furnaces kind of suck a lot of ass. I mean, I've listened to a good 10 songs by them, album and CD versions, and I only liked one of them. That's sad. Just sayin'.
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