February 21st, 2006


this is how i procrastinate.

Things have been immensely chaotic as of late (multiple tests and quizzes per week/day, increasing apathy levels that automatically lead to an increase in procrastination levels, situations with The Roommate have been getting worse and worse, etc), but I'm almost at the end: I have a Chem test tomorrow which, well, I don't know how I'll do on. I know everything from the first chapter and maybe 25% of the stuff from the second chapter, and that's after only studying a small amount. The reason why I'm worrying is because the test is almost entirely short answer and essay questions. Whatever.

My new major du jour: Communication Disorders (and French, of course). I don't know why. It sounds interesting, it doesn't look too difficult, and it seems like something that should be right up my alley. I've been seriously thinking about it since Friday, which means that it has kept my attention longer than the majority of my previous potential majors (including, but not limited to, Philosophy/Religion, Anthropology, Sociology, Communication, Political Science, and Spanish). It still has about a week to go before it beats German and a few months before it surpasses English. Of course, to take a course in it means I have to declare it as a major... well, we'll see if it still looks interesting when registration for next semester comes around.

My performance thus far this semester has been ridiculously lackluster. In the context of my college career, "lackluster" means "straight B's." I mean, my grades are all very solid, but that's with barely any studying. I should be capable of straight A's. Hell, after last semester, I KNOW that I'm capable of straight A's. I need to begin pushing myself again. I mean, don't get me wrong, if I get a B in a class or two (or even three) I won't be too disappointed. I just know that I should be getting A's right now... and I'm not. After tomorrow's Chem Test Of Doom!!! I plan on taking studying a bit more seriously. Well, that's what I hope, I guess.

More school-related obsessing: Oakton posted its summer schedule of classes, so now I get to decide what classes I want to/need to take. There are three that I absolutely, positively do NOT want to deal with at Truman/over a full semester: College Algebra, Biology, and Public Speaking. I probably could manage to take those three classes this summer without any problems. However: 10 credits in 2 months? Eek. That sounds a bit like academic suicide. On the plus side, I would officially be done with Science and Public Speaking for the REST OF MY LIFE!!!!; unfortunately, I would still have to take Trigonometry and Statistics at Truman (ew). So, uh, we'll see what happens.

I exchanged my Southeast Asian Art textbook yesterday, since I had somehow gotten a hold of the wrong one. I went back to the University Bookstore today and bought my PoliSci textbook for next block, and then I went and bought a ticket to see Lewis Black on Friday evening. How sad is it that I have only spent $12.75 this semester? Do not, under any circumstances, answer that.

My new-found method of procrastination: writing journal entries. As you can tell, I have rather successful at such daunting feats. I guess that I'll just go back and outline chapter two now. Oh boy! More Chem! (Gag me with a spoon/fork/crucifix/photochemical smog!)
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