February 13th, 2006

this is me

nothing to see here, run along

It was windy as hell out this morning, which made walking to class a bitch. Luckily, it got warmer and less and less windy as the day progressed, so by the time I had Chemistry (3:30) it was pretty much normal out. Very nice. It was still nice this evening, so I ended up walking with Kendal; I really miss exercise. I should go to the rec, but the only thing that interests me is walking and running. (Specifically, I am interested in walking and running outside. Circling a track for miles at a time is NOT my idea of fun.)

Linguistics exam: 84%. My excuse: he never explained exactly how the diacritics were supposed to be included in our phonemic transcription, and that alone knocked me off a good 10 points. The Art History exam went surprisingly well; of the five paintings that I memorized all of the information for (title/artist/dynasty), four of them showed up. I managed to squeak another 23 bits of information out of the other pieces. I'm kind of worried about how I did on the short answer/essay sections, but whatever. I probably didn't do much worse than a B. There is officially a Chemistry quiz tomorrow. God, I hate school.

I've been thinking about what I want to do over the summer/what classes I'll be taking next semester... and yeah, I don't really know. UIC offers an intensive first-year German course that I am interested in, but I also want to try to get some of my required classes out of the way (specifically, Biology, Public Speaking, and College Algebra). I'm sort of tempted to take the German course and one of the other courses, so I could open up a space in my schedule next semester to take Russian or Spanish. Wouldn't that be frickin' awesome? The third year of French, the second year of German, and the first year of another language, all at one time? Not to mention my fluency in English and my (rapidly dwindling) abilities with Italian? Oh yeah.

Grey's Anatomy is pretty seriously awesome. I kind of wish someone good had died, though. Like McSchmucky. Man, I hate that bastard.
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