February 10th, 2006

consider it dug

I'm the question and you're the answer.

My new laptop (a Sony Vaio) showed up yesterday. After a bit of chaos caused by the nightmare known as Norton Antivirus, I was able to redownload most of the important things and I'm back, baby!

I had a Linguistics test this morning. I was freaking out about it--I mean, I have been completely lost during every single class and while I did every single assignment. It was just a bad, bad situation. I was pretty much unprepared. Before class today, I spent a few hours studying (from about 6-8:20)... and totally fuckin' aced that mofo. I am not kidding. I dominated. Our transcription passage covered the SAME EXACT lines that I had transcribed as practice just 20 minutes earlier. I burst out laughing when I saw it on the test. It was amazing.

On Wednesday, we had a pop quiz in Art History that (I thought) I had totally bombed. Well, apparently I didn't... yet again, I got 8.5/10 points. I have a solid 85% going into the first exam on Monday. Hopefully I'll be able to do well enough on the exam to raise my grade a bit. I'd like to get an A in that class, no joke. We also got to choose our presentation topics. I was one of the last people who got to choose, but my topic still looks pretty interesting; I'll be presenting on the Cape Dorset Inuit artists on April 8.

We had a French quiz today. It was... okay. I knew everything on it, which was good, and I wrote a page for our 8-sentence short answer, which was very good. However, I was the last person done. Was that good or bad? I don't know. We then moved on to cover the imperative (which I DEFINITELY did back in French 1 in high school) and I completely lost my understanding of it. Maybe I should stop paying attention...?

I have an Art History exam and a Chemistry quiz on Monday, an Anthropology exam on Thursday, and another French quiz on Friday. I hope the week after next doesn't have quite as many tests & quizzes as this week and next. I'm getting tired of this being studious bullshit.

On a completely unrelated subject, I have been developing the plot for a hardcore fantasy/semi-science fiction novel. It should be pretty awesome, I think! Some teasers: plague, books, riots, magical creatures, fire, civil war... oh, it'll be marvelous. I'm going to outline the story before I write it, since the plot it so complex already. My goal is to make it be a sort of Patricia A. McKillip/Connie Willis hybrid. Whether I'll ever be able to achieve such dizzying heights of greatness is completely unknown to me, but there's no reason why I can't try!

I watched this week's Grey's Anatomy, and holy shit, was it ever FANTASTIC. Best episode EVER. How I'll be able to wait until Monday to watch next week's episode, I don't know.
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