January 27th, 2006

this is me

[A kik as fo šo]

The International Phonetic Alphabet is disgustingly entertaining. I have been transcribing random words and sentences for the last 45 minutes.

In other news, The Roommate hit his snooze button 10 times this morning. If I ever hear his motherfucking alarm clock go off again I'm gonna cut a bitch. Or, uh, maybe I'll just tell him to turn his fucking alarm off or I'll chop off his penis. Not that he has one. Fucking twat.

My plan for today is to study Chemistry and try to read some pages for Art History. Tomorrow I'll review the Chemistry and read more Art History... and then, on Sunday, I shall review Chemistry, French, Linguistics, finish up the Art History, and there you go! With one fell swoop, I will succeed in catching up on studying and get to the studying pace that I desire. However, I think that I'll relax for a few hours before getting started on all of that. Huzzah for relaxation!
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