January 20th, 2006

this is me

you used to be.

I'm done with classes for the week! Huzzah!

Overall thoughts and opinions:
- French should be as Frenchtastic as always. I am 94% certain that I'm won't switch into 320 this semester.
- Art History and Linguistics are incredibly interesting. Hell, I'm practically in a continuous state of ecstasy from 8:30-11:30 every MWF.
- Chemistry makes Og want to smash something.
- Anthropology is, well... I find the textbook that Dr. G didn't write interesting, at any rate. The movie we watched yesterday was truly pathetic (and completely unrelated to the subject). So yeah.

It started to rain while I was in Linguistics, progressed to sleeting during Art History, and then began to hail during French. The fact that I had to go from Baldwin to OP and back to Baldwin really didn't make me very happy. The walk back to Mo after French was even worse. Yesterday, it made it up to ~55 degrees. Why the fuck wasn't I informed that Missouri has weather similar to Chicago's? Fuckin' punkass bitches.

I talked with Kendal yesterday and we've decided to get back to walking, and, soon, running. I've been eating well but not exercising, so I think it's time to get back into the habit. My back is improving, so I should be capable of doing some exercise.

My plan for the rest of the day is to read some, sleep some, and go play World of Warcraft with Amanda & James at about 7pm. For the time being, I am sitting around barefoot, drinking water, and bouncing around to the Hey Willpower & Annie "mash-up" of Chewing Gum. I suggest that everyone out there goes to Fluxblog and download it. If you have any taste at all, I can guarantee that you will also be dancing.
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this is me

Everything is at stake.

Amanda informed me that this was a "horrible" picture of myself, but I am of the opinion that I actually look pretty good in it. Er, let me explain:

the amount of weight that I have lost doesn't mean a thing to my mind. I know that I only weigh 180 or so, but I still see myself as 260 or 275, regardless of how I'm able to wear t-shirts that I was unable to fit into in the 5th grade, or tiny jeans, or whatever. But then there is the occasional picture, typically taken by someone else, that makes me look--dare I say it?--thin. This is how everybody else sees me nowadays. Nobody here knew me back when I was 275. The weight loss never happened; I just popped out of nowhere, 180 and lookin' fine.

And then there was this picture. I took it myself, just earlier today. While I might not be smiling (honestly, I tend to think that I look pretty goofy when I smile), this picture makes me look how I actually am: a college student, an adult, thin, perfectly normal... and seriously attractive. (And pretty damn modest.)

And that's your mindfuck for the day.
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