January 16th, 2006

already dead


I am so entirely NOT in the mood to be back at school. Yet here I am.

My mind is a river and story plots are the water; I am coming up with new ideas and developments and concepts every few minutes. It's nice, but a bit confusing (e.g. is Armstrong in the science fiction/thriller or the literary classic? What was his best friend's name? Ben? No, he was the other best friend, from the fantasy story--). It is a task of work. I hope I can do at least one of these plots justice.

Still don't like The Roommate. Quel surprise!

Since December 25 (23 days), I have read 51 books (17028 pages). That is an average of 740.35 pages a day. That is insane. I am fairly proud of myself. (If you want a list of the books, I have them saved somewhere. Just ask and you shall receive.)

Goals for the next few months:
- get straight A's (again)
- spend more time studying
- don't commit homicide and/or suicide
- Be Friendly and/or Make Friends
- read at least 500 pages a week
- write at least 10 pages a week

I think that's doable.
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