January 4th, 2006

already dead

je te vois dans la lune

Someone called me (me) a "hottie"... and meant it.

How is this supposed to make me feel?
a) embarrassed
b) objectified

This is almost as big of an event as the time that one furry called me "cute." !

In other news, I miss The Outside World. And exercise. And I have read approximately 25 books since Christmas and have no plans to stop any time soon (maybe once school starts?). And I think I want to move to a city... maybe Chicago, maybe New York. Who knows? I sure don't.

I have been doing some very minor writing as of late. I should really stop killing off characters on the first page... they might revolt one day. As always, my motto: plot? What plot? (So what if it was National Novel Writing Month's motto first? Bitch.)

I have a pretty awesome new icon. Just thought I'd let you know. (For future reference: part of the cover of Already Dead by Charlie Huston.)
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