December 30th, 2004

this is me

Suck an elf!

"We either live happily ever after or we get killed by horrible curses."

I spent the last seven and a half hours watching The 10th Kingdom, this miniseries that was on TV back when I was in the seventh grade. I remember Mrs. Turk, my Math and Lit teacher (ugh, and she sucked for both), going on about it in class, since we were studying fairy tales. I saw parts of it and liked it, but never got around to seeing the whole thing... until sometime in the last two years. I loved it. So I now own the DVD.

"Did you put your finger in that fish?"

It really is an excellent series, and it just works as a miniseries. It would have failed miserably as a TV show, and it would have been worse as a movie... but the miniseries length was perfect for it. The effects were pretty good, the acting was excellent (not as good as a certain other wizarding movie that I saw recently, but close).

"You have a tail?!"
"What? So? You have succulent breasts, you don't see me going on about them!"

I want to watch it again. There were some truly phenomenal scenes - with Snow White, when Virginia first meets the Queen, when the death occurs... it was amazing. I don't exactly want to spend another day watching it anytime soon, but if someone wants to hang out and spend a day watching it - maybe over spring break, or over summer - we should.

"I'm going to die of long hair!"
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