December 29th, 2004

this is me

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Did I ever mention that I broke my toe?

Well, I did. I was huffing about the kitchen as I normally do (for some reason, pacing in the kitchen is better than pacing in my bedroom or the living room) and I did one of my random stumbling acts and smashed my little toe on my right foot into a chair. The chair flew a few feet, I began hopping around. "FU-" I began to howl, before I noticed my mother sitting right next to me, "-G!"

It immediately began to turn black and blue, and it is so frigging painful. Ugh.

Since I'm on the subject, I have noticed that I have been increasingly clumsy as of late. From what I understand, the majority of adolescents go through "awkward" stages, but this is my first one, and good god is it ever pathetic. I can be standing stock still, back as straight as an arrow, and began to tip over for absolutely no reason - I just do. I have also been known to walk around and tip over, or smash various limbs into miscellaneous objects (doors, walls, windows).

I'm almost 18 fucking years old. You'd think that I'd be done with this crap, wouldn't you?
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