December 27th, 2004

this is me

You're nothing without me.

This is an ode to my Favorite Band.

Now, Garbage has been my All-Time Favorite Band Ever!!! since 1999, but I think that they can share that spot, since they take so fucking long to produce new music (grumble grumble).

I first downloaded music by Killing Heidi back in maybe 2000 - Class Celebrities, Mascara, and Leave Me Alone. I got Reflector in 2002, Present in 2003, and S/T for Christmas 2004. Much like Garbage, Killing Heidi can Do No Wrong. It might take me a few plays to fall in love, but every song is pure gold.

Of course, there are, like, no resources on the internet for up to date information on KH (much like Garbage). But I don't care. I'll just play my MP3s and CDs a billion times, occasionally check the official website, and hope that they might think about coming to the US.

Completely unrelated: I'm warm.
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    Killing Heidi - Not For Me