December 24th, 2004

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I went on a mini friend's list cleaning spree. Don't worry - no one who matters was removed. Or, rather, let me rephrase that: the only journals removed were ones that haven't been updated in a coon's age (early 2003, late 2002) or people who moved on to other journals. If you want to drop me from your list, feel free. I will reciprocate.

Today was full of good and bad moods. I don't really know where my mood is right now.

My foot is tangled up in the computer wires.

I have the song Michael by Franz Ferdinand stuck in my head, and it has been there (er, stuck in my head, that is) all day. It's a really good song. In fact, it's so good that I'll paste some of the lyrics. Behind a cut. (A [sarcastic] review of the song: "OMG TEH SONG WILL GIVE ME TEH FAG!!!!!!!1111!?!1")

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I'm in this ultra writing mood, but nothing that I want to write will come out. Maybe I should look for some inspiration. Maybe I should say "screw it" and write what I DON'T want to come out. Or, you know, finish writing Sleep Tight. (HAHA good one, Adam.) I sort of want to write a story with someone... you know, one chapter me, one chapter the other person or something. But none of my writing chums are fond of that idea. Oh well.

I got one of those MySpace account thingies. It's tempting to feel like I was selling out in the most retarded (pardon my German) way, but then I realized that I'm already a loser so it's okay. If you want to be friends <333 just tell me and I'll hook you up or something.

Good Lord I'm pathetic. Merry Festival of Lights, tout le monde. Don't do anything that I wouldn't do. (Read: don't do anything.)
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