December 18th, 2004

furious angels

it's the perfect time of day

So why am I updating at 2:30 in the morning?

That's a good question. Let me go on about how the rest of my day went before I get to that.

I had a bad night of sleep last night... only a few hours, since I kept on waking up. At 1:28 I woke up from a dream, went, "Holy shit, that would be a great book!" and promptly fell back asleep. Of course, I forgot it. Lovely.

I received food in the majority of my classes. In GDA I chatted with Karri for most of the period, and when Claire finished making up her quiz, I talked with her as well. She gave me this raspberry bar thing. Oh man. It ruled. Fouts permitted us to look at our score on the quiz from yesterday, and while I didn't bother to do so, Chua did (haha, thanks, buddy) - 23 out of 24. So THIS is what studying gets me!

We had miscellaneous food products in French. Jessie's gouche broke my fork. Dee's cupcakes were good. I was put off of eating by Alma's reading from this book of her's - in it, this guy masturbates too much, so he chopped off his penis (leaving a "stump") and tossed it into the fireplace. Ew.

Went to see Krasinski again during third. I got an x-mas card from Brittany, along with a candy cane.

We had a trivia contest in Italian, which Tabitha TOTALLY kicked ass at. Had root beer.

In gym, I talked with Ashlea the whole period... like always... and received a Hershey's Kiss from her. Apparently she'll be calling me about going to the Art Institute next week (a whole group of people are going). That should be pretty nifty.

We spent English listening to Michelle, whining about doing work, and more discussion. About halfway through the period, I saw someone familiar out in the hall... Laura Shyne! Haha, that made my day. We're now done with A Doll's House... until April. Ugh.

Physics was talking with Chua. I got another candy cane. It was boring.

The assembly was so flipping ridiculous. I don't understand the point of those stupid games - they are only exciting for the people participating, not all 1000+ people in the bleachers. We don't care. I studied like a mofo during this.

And then... my Biology test. I was able to get out of Physics for this, thanks to Krasinski, so I had an extra 15 minutes to work on my test, plus the additional 10 minutes from the assembly (since we had been let out early). The majority of the class started early. Since our normal room was full of freshman, we began taking the test in a different room, and moved over during the passing period. It was really funny: just picture it, a bunch of people, walking through the hall, carrying tests.

The test was pretty damn awful. I think I at least passed the written portion, which was nice. I suck at Biology. I suck so much. It's raping me, I swear to god.

Since we had started so early, we could leave early, as well. So while all of you schmucks were in class, I had already left - at 2:55. Haha, bitches.

I got home, I slept, I woke up, I ate, and I went back to sleep. I woke up at about 1am, and I haven't been able to get back to sleep. And now my feet are cold. Stupid feet.

So what is my plan for this break? Well, I really want to try to catch up on sleep (which I have already made some semblance of progress in, woohoo!). I plan on catching up on my reading (my books-to-read shelf is obnoxiously full). I want to clean. I want to study some. I have lots of crap to do, I just have to do it. Writing (as in, finishing up Sleep Tight) would be nice. I wouldn't mind socializing with anyone.

My computer has 10% battery left. Uh oh. It's time to save this puppy.
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