December 16th, 2004

this is me

whatchu doing bobbie?

Dear Adam:

Thank you for applying to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We appreciate your interest and would like to acknowledge that this year's applicant pool was highly competitive.

While it is important to the University to enjoy such interest among prospective students, as a selective institution, it means that we are unable to admit all applicants. Based upon a complete review of your application and supporting credentials, you have not been selected for admission into the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, French for the Fall 2005 semester.

First application in, last response back, one and only rejection. Believe it or not, I cheered when I read that. Do you know what this means? I don't have to stay in-state for college! Once I graduate from high school, I might never have to come back to Illinois!

Okay, so I don't know how to feel about this rejection. It's tempting to feel offended, but honestly, it's not like I don't have somewhere else to go. They missed the opportunity to accept me - me - and, obviously, they don't deserve to have my presence. (Plus there's the fact that I wasn't planning on going there even if I had been accepted.)

I am officially done with applying to college. Unless one of the other schools on my list give me some amazing amount of financial aid, then I'll probably be going to Truman. I'm okay with that - in fact, I'm more than okay with that. They gave me prompt notice, they gave me money, and (this is the kicker) they sent me a bumper sticker.

In other news, I am pretty sure that I kicked ass on the GDA quiz this morning. My grade in that class is currently 87%, almost exactly. Can I raise that grade to an A for the semester? Maybe. With any luck.

We read Babar during French, finished watching Johnny Stecchino in Italian, sat around in gym, began to talk about Crime & Punishment in English, did more towers in Physics, and reviewed for tomorrow's test in Biology.

Ugh. Biology.

So tomorrow is the winter assembly, right? They decided to put it in the middle of the day (LAME), which cuts down every period except for the lunch periods. Of course, I don't have Biology during a lunch period. Everyone in the class was trying to push Mr. K into letting us come in during the assembly, because face it - who the hell wants to stay after on the last day before winter break? It's just stupid.

He refused to budge, but said that we could come in during 8a to begin the test early. The problem with that? Pretty much everyone in the class, except for a few (maybe four people) exceptions, have classes 8a - Calc AB/BC, Enviro, Physics. He talked to the teachers of those classes and they all agreed to let us leave early. Woo! (I'm probably going to fail the test, but still - woo!)

French Club was pretty good. Food, a movie (the movie version of the Babar book we read in class), gossiping about how well everyone in the various French classes are doing... fun.

Work to do tonight:
- study for Bio test (v. important)
- finish Bio lab write up (v.v. important)
- English journal (not v. important, but I want to keep my A as a high A [+95%], so there you go)
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