December 15th, 2004

this is me

you are the elixir of immortality

What all happened today?

First: listened to a tape of Texas v. Johnson. I found it interesting, though apparently I was one of the few to do so.

Second: miscellaneous French culture. I was able to give "advice" to the juniors and sophomores today! Haha.

Third: more Krasinski molestation. He helped me with my lab write-up and with these damn genetic problems.

Fourth: we watched more of Johnny Stecchino. Roberto Benigni annoys me. I don't know why.

Fifth: I chatted with Ashlea the whole period, ignoring the stress thing. Oh well.

Sixth: we finally acted out our scene. I think it went pretty well. I spoke loudly, the analysis was reasonable, I wrung my hands appropriately.

Seventh: Physics. Oh, god.

So I volunteered to go second, despite Ewelina not wanting to do so. The tower weighed 109.73 grams. I began to put the circle down the top - and it stuck, thanks to that goddamn gorilla glue. It had fit the last time we had tried it, so I spent a good ten minutes sanding down the sides to make the circle go down. Finally, it did... so we went up right after Chua, I think (or was it Brandon & Alex? Whatever).

I put scoops of sand after scoops of sand in.

And more sand.

And more.

And more.

At around the 10 or 15kg mark, we had to adjust the tower (lift the sand up a few centimeters so that we could add another piece of wood underneath one edge of the tower). I, of course, lifted the bucket of sand, since Ewelina has this whole problem with, you know, lifting anything over a pound. So we added the wood, me grimacing all the while, trying not to whimper from the pain of holding an astonishingly heavy bucket out at arm's length. And we set it back down. And I added more sand.

And more.

And more.

It was getting to the point where I was fed up with it. I began to yell at the tower - "Why won't you break already?!" The chain touched the side past the 15kg mark, which was what we needed. I was so sick of the tower - all that grief, all that money, all that wasted time and effort - that I kept piling the sand in. I wanted that mofo to break.

So I added more sand.

And more.

And we used up the entire bucket of sand. The entire bucket. All ~25kg. It was bending, but it hadn't broke, so I got a hold of a 1kg piece of lead and bent over to put it on top of the sand-


Parts of the tower hit my head as they flew through the air. The top was completely intact, and that was what I had been worrying about. No, in one tiny area on the bottom, attached to the base, there had not been enough glue. (Best in the class thus far, and approximately third best of the day.) Haha, I kick ass.

Ninth: it was Biology. What more can I say?

I napped for about three hours once I got home. Mmm. Sleep. I've been studying for my GDA test tomorrow and working on my Bio lab write-up for the last few hours. I want to get this thing done tonight so I can go over it tomorrow with Mr. K. I want all the extra credit I can get.

I got my progress report today. All of my grades were as expected - straight A's in everything except GDA (high B) and Biology (low-to-middling C). That is what I like to call a "4.0". I would also like to say HAHA BITCHES. I need need need to keep this GPA. I just have to hold onto my A in Physics for a few more weeks (or even raise my GDA grade to an A)... so close...

Why is it that the harder the classes I take, the more stress I am under, and the shittier my life gets, the better I do? I sort of suspect that I am more efficient in some way, and try to fulfill every requirement on everything instead of fudging it and going er-er-ee-oo once I get my grade back. (Actually, I tend to er-er-ee-oo before I do anything in Biology... hmm.)

Ignore this... I'm too lazy to find my "books-to-read" list to add these to it.
The Cairo Trilogy by Naguib Mahfouz
The Map of Love by Ahdaf Soueif
A Personal Matter by Kenzaburo Oe
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