December 12th, 2004

this is me

swinging from a liquid noose

Kevin asked me for help with his English in-class essay... so I created a little form sheet for my typical introductions for my own English essays. Feel free to memorize, copy, or use for yourself. (Just reference me!) Haha, imagine using this form on your in-class essay for Farrell, with an asterisk... and at the end of your essay, putting in "* introduction form thanks to Adam Miller, Inc." What a fantastic idea!

"[insert important quote here]," [insert character who stated that quote here] said in the [insert type of literature here] [insert name of literature here] by [insert author's name here]. This story featured [insert main character's name], who [insert two sentence summary]. [insert reference to question], using the methods of [insert literary technique], [insert literary technique], and [insert literary technique] to stress the [insert meaning here].

In other news, school sucks. I should have just taken Spanish/German/random english classes/random social science classes when I had the opportunity, instead of stupid Physics/Biology. How could I have fooled myself into thinking that I was actually good at science last year? Just because I got a few A's in Chemistry... ugh.

Still sick. Not worse... yet. Swallowing properly is only a dream.

I need to begin looking for scholarships. Ugh, I'm so freaking lazy. I signed up for Fastweb a few months ago, but all of the scholarships are really broad (like, major national scholarships) that include essays and teacher recommendations and I'm so flipping not in the mood... I mean, I wrote a total of one essay for my college applications. That is how lazy I am.

There is a song on some random car commercial that I need to figure out the title to or I will die. It would actually help if I, you know, knew what car the commercial was for. Ugh.

This entry has far too many words in italics. I need to take some cough syrup and go to bed. Okay.
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