December 11th, 2004

this is me

my training bra.

One of Barry's many inflammatory comments to me on Kelly's journal:

"Go have a heart attack."

Is this the sort of person that you would actually want to be friends with? And yes, Barry, I am trying to lure your friends away from you. Because I really care about offending you that much.

(Two "friends" knocked down at one time! Haha, I'm fucking fantastic.)

Speaking of idiots, did anyone hear about when Anderson Cooper had Jerry Falwell on his show a few weeks ago? This? Haha, go Anderson!

What major things happened yesterday? I had my GDA speech thing. A French quiz that went smashingly. I did a bunch of random talking with Martha/Wing/Ashlea/Richa. I only thought about severely harming Ewelina 900 times instead of the typical 904 times. ("Me and my boyfriend are breaking up tomorrow." "Why? Didn't you two only get together a few days ago?" "We got together a week ago, but he has really changed. He never calls me anymore and it just isn't working out. But that's okay, I'm looking at another really hot guy who likes me, too! He's Italian." "*twitch*")

I have so much homework this weekend, ugh. A few Physics worksheets, genetic problems and that stupid Photosynthesis rough draft for Bio, the English study guide, miscellaneous studying for Monday's Italian test, the gym paper - yes, a paper for gym. Bah!

I came home, attempted not to sleep for a few hours, and gave up at about 8. I slept straight through until 8am. Wow, I really love catching up on sleep... though I despise getting to the point where I actually need to catch up on it.

Does anyone else have audioscrobbler? I downloaded it a few days ago, and it is awesome. It charts how many times you play a specific artist/song and you can see how many other people have played that song/artist. It's really cool. (If you join, add me... my name is "atmjunk".)
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this is me


Have I mentioned that I changed my desktop? It used to be this, but I decided that Macbeth ruled too much. So here it is. Ian Mckellen and Judy Dench. As Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. On my desktop. (NERD ALERT.)

I'm coming down with a cold. I can barely swallow. I've gargled with salt water a few times this evening, and it works for maybe five minutes, but then it begins to hurt again. My ears are aching and I also have a headache. Surprisingly enough, my nose is not stuffed... yet. Just wait. I'll wake up on Monday morning and barely be able to breathe.

I still haven't finished reading A Doll's House. I was supposed to read it over two weeks ago! I just can't get the enthusiasm into it. Dammit. I'll try reading it before I go to bed tonight, right after I do those damn genetics problems. Stupid Biology. Stupid English. Stupid school.

The question of the day: why can't I just graduate already?!?!

I need to go gargle more.
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