December 9th, 2004

furious angels

what you'll have to do in these hard times.

I like how I bash all of my friends and I get a ton of comments. I should try it more often.

You're all a bunch of sluts! And cunts! And gypsies! And tramps! AND THIEVES! Ooh snap.

Bad: I have to print out 13 copies of my GDA paper. I ran out of black ink on the fourth copy, so I have attempted dark green (which barely showed up) and I'm attempting to do the rest in dark blue. Baaah. I really wish we had more black ink. :'(

Zack was threatened after school, and I was right next to him when it happened. Hahaha it was fantastic. Now, I'm sorry, but when some pathetic little freshman waltzes up and begins going all "STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND OR I'LL FUCKIN' KILL YOU, MAN", you just have to laugh. I know that's what I did.

Kris and Kevin came over at about 6:30ish and were all "dude we're going bowling, come with!!!" I was all "uh no I have work and it's a school night :(" and then they molested me, attempted to set the house on fire, and went on their jolly ways. Oh baby.

So I had to do a lot of writing today. The GDA quiz? Two pages. I think I aced it. The English essay? Three full pages, about eight quotes (and I had originally only planned on putting four in... eep), and quite possibly exactly what Mrs. Farrell was looking for. Either that or the complete opposite. WHATEVAR. The Biology quiz? Uh, I have decided that dropping Biology at the semester would probably make me a lot happier than suffering through another second of that damn class. Will I? That's an entirely different story.

I really should be studying for French and/or Italian, since I am completely unprepared for both tests, but frankly, I am exhausted. I need sleep. Now.

And so I go.
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