December 8th, 2004

no fear

nothing really matters to me.

Some things that have been pissing me off:

- that "hi sign your name and I'll write an entry about you" meme. Okay, I understand that you have friends (no way! Really?), but when almost every single entry on my friends page features those comments on people that, frankly, I don't know and/or really don't care about, I get just a teensy bit annoyed. And when it takes five minutes for my friend's page to load due to the pictures... well, sorry, but that makes me fucking pissed. LJ-cut the pictures... and, while you're at it, put all of your comments in one entry. I'm getting to the point where I'm willing to remove people from my friend's list if they don't do this, regardless of being friends with them or not. Next one I see? You're off. (I haven't slept for essentially 40 hours, give or take a sporadic nap or two yesterday. Deal With It.)

- the fact that Maine Waste is stupid. Oh, wait, I already knew that. I have been playing offended as of late, due to all of the Christmas things that have been showing up. A tree in the front lobby, the "wear red and green" day next week, the "YULE be glad if you donate a can!" bull. Okay, I'll admit it: I'm a big hypocrite. I'm agnosticatheisticish (Read: I have never believed in god and I doubt that I ever will), but this upcoming break is known as "Winter Break" for a reason. If they want to show off their tree, they should put up a giant menorah next to it. And the Kwanzaa menorah thing. Have a day next week for "wear blue and white" or "wear green, black and yellow" (are those the colors? I don't remember...). Change the sign to "JEW'LL be glad if you donate a can!" Okay, I'm off my soapbox on that subject.

- the group of people that talked to Barry. And their parents. And their siblings. And, while I'm at it, Ann Coulter.

- the fact that I am so incredibly lazy.

- other random Depressing Things that I shan't mention right now.

Things that don't piss me off (or: That Which Makes Me Happy):

- milk in a glass.

- the fact that I passed yesterday's Physics test. :)!

- Bohemian Rhapsody, and all covers of it. (Namely: Christmas Rhapsody.)

- sharing Significant Glances (tm) with Crush #1 in the hall. (This is significant on my part. She probably she stares at my hair and fears for her life.)

- The official quote of the day, from Jonah, and taken completely out of context: "I'm going to pop Adam's cherry!"

- mocking the existence of a few Specific People. Hell, mocking everything makes me happy.

That is all. For now. Mainly because I have to finish reading my GDA articles and do the already overdue Bio lab write up. Oops? Whatever.
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