December 2nd, 2004

this is me

our name is stereotype with an "a"

I am not functioning this week.

I want a 'fro (or, as I told my parents, a "jewfro") a lot. A whole lot. However, I can't find any instructions for developing/maintaining them... anywhere. Anyone know how to do it?

Miscellaneous comments on my day: "Il retournait du discotheque à minuit." My mind is rapidly losing anything resembling coherence. I no longer understand much of anything, it takes me forever to think things out, and my life sucks in general. Ugh. I will be either making a new duct tape wallet in a few minutes or updating my old one, since it broke. It depends on my mood.

Biology was a lab. Ewelina makes me want to stab myself in the eye. I studied for the Physics quiz in English. I finished my GDA FRQ during third. I have begun talking more with Nestor. Apparently I'm weird since I don't do my nails, despite being a guy? Okay.

I like how my body randomly opens up formerly closed wounds and bleeds without asking me. That isn't cool, yo.

Now: craftyness while watching CSPAN. Followed by pseudo-studying. And maybe some sleep while I'm at it. Cool.
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