December 1st, 2004

this is me

the paper's got it wrong again

I fell asleep at something like 2:00 this morning. I didn't mean to stay up so late, but my insomnia was kicking in and I couldn't flipping sleep. Of course, I got home after a trip to Sally's (where I picked up some daily conditioner and a protein conditioner) and nearly dropped from exhaustion. I slept for an hour. That means I will not get to sleep until some disgustingly late time tonight.

Today was not at all noteworthy in the least. The GDA FRQ this morning? I was scrawling down the letter "B" when Mr. Fouts announced, "You have three minutes to finish." Well, oops. We may or may not get some sort of extra period of time to finish it in, since the majority of the class didn't finish. I hope we get it.

French was boring. Study was boring. Italian was actually pretty fun - we played a new game that was good. I still think gym royally sucks - I mean, dude. So few people are willing to climb that I went. Twice. That puts me ahead of such well known schmucks as, oh, you know... Jason, John, that short blond kid. Hahaha.

English was boring... I did my Physics homework during the discussion and studied for Biology while I was at it. Physics was Boring, with a capital "B"... my grade in the class is 90.0%, without three huge assignments. I'm doing better than Chua. HAHAHA. I did fine on my Biology quiz, I think.

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