November 27th, 2004


he runs away

Shit. I have no attention span this evening. It took me forever to begin writing (at about 11:30), I wrote 1900ish words in an hour, and I haven't been able to get anything else out since. I keep on randomly surfing through different livejournals and websites and threads on the NaNoWriMo boards and ugh this just isn't working for me.

I tried the sprints that worked so well last year (something like 800 words in ten minutes or so) and that everyone on the boards are advocating... and got 394 words my first time and 437 my second. Yeah, I shouldn't be whining - after all, each word is another stepping stone to 50,000 - but this pisses me off.

I have turned off the internet. I close the taskbar, I cover the clock, I do my hardest to avoid looking at my word count. I ask others for words to use (hobo, wrath, animaversion or whatever Belle suggested), I try all the tricks people suggest on the boards. I try to babble, but I delete everything before I get anywhere. I try to kill more people (what is rapidly becoming my one true joy in life... holy shit, to the uninitiated, this must look really bad) but the deaths feel pointless - so I delete them, too. I need action, I need excitement. I need to get my main characters together. In fact... I hate my characters. I hate my plot. I hate my """novel""". I hate myself. Nothing is working tonight. Every single goddamn word is like pulling teeth, or lucidly chopping my own fingers off. This is not working. Nothing is working, and nothing ever will. Ever again. Period. End of story.

Maybe I hit some sort of a wall, since I have written a million and a half words this week? I'm not tired, but I need to fix my sleep schedule. Maybe I should just try to get to bed. A good night's sleep will recover my mind, and even if I don't get to sleep for a while, I'll still be able to think up possible things to torture my characters with do in the next 6917 words.

That's a good idea. Sleep.
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no fear

gotta live gotta live gotta live... in shit towne

I found this particularly amusing:

Current Mood: matricidal. The girl's livejournal address is smchyrocky. I would suggest that you all go to her journal and read the comments. It's fantastic.

And while I'm at the spreading malaise and bad will to all men, I will just give you a link to The Misadventures of Dick and Jane (or: the alternate versions of See Spot Get Run Over By A Mack Truck - Run, Spot, Run!) and everyone's favorite, Rusty is a Homosexual (or: the same thing I have linked to maybe 900 times over the last few years, and is still funny the 901st time).

Okay, I'm done being Newsalicious. Now... writing. (Read: procrastinating.)
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