November 26th, 2004

consider it dug

i journey through the deserts of my mind

Shit, bitch. I kick ass.

Today's word count: 5122 (since 10pm)
Total word count: 40637
Should be at: 41668
Variance: -1031

I AM SO CATCHING UP. I'll be in the green for the first time this year tomorrow... and I should finish everything up (if I keep up this pace) on Saturday. GOOD.

Things that occurred: I introduced a 1000+ year old woman. Ross died... again. (Seriously, his luck is really shitty.) I have introduced at least five conspiracies (maybe two of which will be explained in the next 10,000 words... the rest will occur in books two and three). I wrote what may be the third or forth most words in one day today. All in all, today was pretty damn successful!

Thanksgiving was okay. I don't really believe in celebrating it, much like I don't believe in celebrating every other holiday (except for my birthday, which is also known as Give Adam Presents Day), but my cooking amazed even me.

So the neighborhood brats are fucking annoying. I mean, I understand that I live in a townhouse (which, just so you're aware, is a HOUSE that is attached on either side to other HOUSES. It is not an APARTMENT building, or a TENEMENT building. We have a lawn. Suck it), and I understand that occasionally other people may have to walk across our lawn. But seriously, people - the brats play on our goddamn lawn even though we have a fence up. And then the assholes next door, who WERE at least reasonable since they moved in a few months ago, played the same. exact. Mexican. song. for. 24. fucking. hours. straight. Our walls are like rice paper, dammit, and your shitty ass music DOES NOT NEED TO BE PLAYED CONSTANTLY. Obviously, I had to do something about this.

Obviously, I played metal with the bass up and the treble down. Haha the house was fucking shaking. BITCHES. SEE IF YOU FUCKING MESS WITH ME AGAIN. I'LL CUTCHU. I'LL CUTCHU GOOD.

Okay. That's all.
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furious angels


I should stop putting off my writing until extremely late. That just results in waking up late, various naps during the day, and other Bad Stuff.

I received this in the mail today:

"Based on the excellence of your classroom performance, your test scores and the information privded in your application, you have been awarded a $1000 RENEWABLE COMBINED ABILITY SCHOLARSHIP FOR THE 2005-2006 ACADEMIC YEAR. Congratulations again! Academic scholarship renewal information is enclosed."

Oh, Truman. Go ahead. Make yourself cheaper than any of the goddamn in-state schools, why don't you. See if I care. (Which I quite obviously do, or I wouldn't have bothered posting this.) I'm sort of tempted to send the residence hall money in. In fact...

A question to all college students/college grads: which should I go for - a dorm with suite-style bathrooms (two rooms share one bathroom) or a dorm with the usual communal bathroom? Should I care? Should I give the communal a spin before deciding for good? Help a brother out!

My next post should be sometime in the AM. Hopefully I will be frolicking around, squealing about how I wrote 9000some words in a day and finished my novel. Considering how I probably won't begin writing until sometime tonight, and my novel won't freaking end for a few billion more words, this is very unlikely. But hey! It's still something to shoot for.
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